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WARBURG, FELIX M. (1871-1937).

Banker, philanthropist, and communal leader. Born in Hamburg, Germany, to a noted banking family, Warburg settled in New York City in 1895, and joined one of the city’s leading brokerage firms. From the time of his arrival he took an active interest in local charities, especially those caring for immigrants. Concerned with education, he made important contributions to educational institutions, both general and Jewish. He served as chairman of the Young Men’s Hebrew Association in New York for many years, and was chairman of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee from its establishment in 1914 to 1932. In 1917, Warburg was instrumental in forming the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies in New York. Although opposed to Jewish nationalism, he supported agencies concerned with the economic development of Jews in Palestine, and mobilized support for the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. As a non-Zionist, he participated in the Jewish Agency for Palestine and took part in the political struggle against British anti-Zionist policy. He was the son-in-law of Jacob H. Schiff.

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