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Orthodox Jewish educational agency whose aim is to found yeshivot, or Hebrew day schools. These yeshivot provide religious and secular studies under the same auspices in the Jewish communities of the U.S., particularly in small towns and suburban communities. It was founded in 1944 by Rabbi Feivel Mendlowitz. At that time only seven of the 33 day schools in the U.S. were situated outside of New York.

In the 1980’s there were 516 Hebrew day schools located in 37 states and five Canadian provinces. Of these, 254 were located outside of the New York Metropolitan area. In the New York area there were 209 schools. There were 150 high schools functioning in the U.S.

Torah Umesorah tries to maintain high standards in existing yeshivot through curriculum study and evaluation, supervisory visits by staff members, and regular consultation with principals and boards of education. It also carries on a program of teacher placement and interviews. Other activities include publication of textbooks coordinated with the school program, including the children’s magazine, Olomeinu (Our World), and the organization and maintenance of a network of parent-teacher groups affiliated with the National Association of Hebrew Day School Parent-Teacher Associations.

During the past few years, Torah Umesorah has been concentrating upon the training of teachers. It conducts such programs in five major seminaries, and has its own teacher-training program called Aish Dos, the “Fire of Faith.”

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