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Zionist party organized in 1925 by Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky. It called itself “Revisionist” because it felt the need for revision of the official Zionist policy toward Great Britain as the mandatory government of Palestine. The program of Revisionism included the creation of a Jewish majority on both sides of the Jordan; unrestricted mass immigration of Jews into Palestine; encouragement of middle-class immigration and of private enterprise to increase the absorptive capacity of the country; the outlawing of strikes and the substitution of compulsory arbitration during the period of national building; and the restoration of the Jewish Legion as a distinct part of the British garrison in Palestine. Brith Trumpeldor (Betar), the Revisionist Youth Organization, was part of the Revisionist World Union. The Revisionist party was a part of the World Zionist Organization until the 19th World Zionist Congress held in 1935. At that time, the Revisionist party differed so sharply with the prevailing Zionist policies that it seceded and formed the New Zionist Organization. A small group of Revisionists broke off from the parent body and, calling itself the Jewish State Party, remained as a part of the World Zionist Organization. In 1946, the New Zionist organization merged with the State Party to form the United Zionist Revisionists and again became a constituent part of the World Zionist Organization. In Palestine a resistance group (against British restrictive policies and against Arab terror) grew out of Revisionism. This underground body, the Irgun Z’vai L’umi (National Military Organization), functioned until after the creation of the State of Israel when it merged with the Army of Israel. Many of its veterans joined the Herut party, which is the Israeli counterpart of the Revisionist party.

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