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Now called Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ), the women’s division of the Union for Reform Judaism, the central organization of Reform Judaism in the U.S. Organized in 1913, the organization has a membership consists of members of more than 800 sisterhoods. Functioning groups are also found in Canada, the U.K., Latin America, Australia, and South Africa. Through program material, study courses, and projects, the URJ assists its members in serving the synagogue, gaining Jewish knowledge, and translating religious ideals into practical expression of concern for humanity. The WRJ provide scholarships and aid to students at the Hebrew Union College. The Jewish Institute of Religion helps to promote and support the youth activities program of the Union for Reform Judaism, and subsidizes institutes for religious schoolteachers and laypersons. It grants rabbinic fellowships to foreign students to enable them to serve congregations belonging to the World Union for Progressive Judaism after ordination and graduation. To further interfaith awareness and understanding, the sisterhoods conduct institutes on Judaism for Christian women to acquaint them with the traditions, ritual, and philosophy of Judaism.

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