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Women’s Labor Zionist Organization. Na’amat has branches in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, England, France, Mexico, Peru, Spain, and Uruguay. Its largest constituency is in Israel, while the second largest is in the U.S.

Na’amat USA. Na’amat USA is a 50,000-member volunteer organization of clubs throughout the country which help support the work of Na’amat in Israel and who implement domestic programs, including advancing the rights and status of women. These programs build a better America, a more secure Israel, and a fuller life for women and children everywhere. Na’amat USA educates women on Israel’s strategic alliance with the U.S.; advocates legislation on full employment and social security benefits for women; participates in allied campaigns for Israel; co-sponsors Youth Aliyah; supports Habonim/Dror, the Labor Zionist Youth movement, promotes Zionist educational programs; and aids Jewish, Yiddish, and Hebrew cultural institutions.

Na’amat in Israel. Founded in 1921, Na’amat became the largest women’s organization in Israel. It is committed to a more equitable society for every Israeli citizens and to equal rights for women. To this end, Na’amat operates institutions for women, children, and young people to help narrow the existing social, educational, and cultural gaps.

Day Care. Nearly 33,000 children have been attending Na’amat’s agricultural boarding high schools in Nahal frontier settlements. Eron, Kanot, and Aynot.

Vocational Training. Na’amat’s Timon vocational high schools offer courses, counseling, and job training to disadvantaged Jewish and Arab girls and boys, many of whom are potential dropouts. Women who want to be employed or upgrade their current jobs can choose from hundreds of courses in fields where work is readily available. Na’amat services for Arabs and Druze women foster their personal development, helping them and their families become productive citizens.

Community Centers. At 65 centers located wherever social services are needed in small towns and major cities, most Na’amat activities are found under one roof.

Status of Women. In Israel, Na’amat has responded to every issue important to women, with free legal counsel, Centers for Problems of Violence in Family, pre-release workshops, and Women’s Studies at Haifa University.

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