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SHAPIRO, IRVING S. (1916-2001).

Lawyer and business executive. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota to Jewish Lithuanian parents. His father ran a dry-cleaning business.  Irving Shapiro graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1939 and was a 1941 graduate of its law school.

After working in Washington at the Justice Department, he joined the DuPont Company in 1951, rising the the position of chairman and chief executive by 1974, a post he held until 1981. After retirement he returned to the law in private practice.

Although he was not a businessman or executive by training, he nevertheless became a forceful advocate for corporate America’s important role in the nation.

In the 1970’s Shapiro became the leader of a group that advised lawmakers on certain issues. He also advised President Jimmy Carter on various subjects including a response to the Arab boycott of Israel.

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